Oberschule an der Egge

mit Gymnasialer Oberstufe


Kanadische Austauschschülerin zu Gast an der Egge

Annie aus Alberta, Kanada lebt für mehrere Monate bei ihren Verwandten in der Nähe von Bremen. In dieser Zeit lernt die 16-jährige Schülerin von und mit ihren Mitschülern und Mitschülerinnen an der Egge. Diese Gelegenheit nutzten die Schüler und Schülerinnen der siebten Klasse, um mehr über das kanadische Leben einer Jugendlichen zu erfahren. In einem Interview sprachen sie mit Annie über die unterschiedlichen Schulsysteme, aber auch darüber, wie sich die Kanadierin in der für sie neuen Lebenswelt fühlt. Den englischen Artikel, den die Klasse im Unterricht verfasst hat, könnt ihr in diesem Beitrag lesen.

About Annie

Annie is 16 years old and attends 11th grade in Oberschule an der Egge. She is from Alberta, Canada. At home she has got an older sister, an older brother and a younger sister. Her best friend and her cousin both live in Germany. Her favorite subject is physics and she wants to be a police officer after having finished school. In her free time, she really likes reading, especially Harry Potter, doing sports – she has been doing Tae-Kwon-do for eight years and she has also been swimming for two years. When she doesn‘t do sports, she really likes German candy and traveling.

There are some differences between German and Canadian schools. Annie’s school starts at nine in the morning. One lesson is not 45, but 75 minutes long. They also have different subjects such as „Hair and Makeup“. In Maths, there are three levels – easy, medium, and hard. The grading system also differs from ours as there are no numbers but either letters (A-F; A being the best and F being the worst grade) or percentages. In lower grades, there is even another grading system: They use numbers from 1-5, 5 being very good, 1 being the worst grade. Another major difference is that students are allowed to use their phones during class and even during tests. Annie says that school in Germany is harder than in Canada. In Canada students don‘t get to school by public transport. There are yellow school buses, just like those from the movies. In general, cars are bigger than in Germany, but they are not allowed to go as fast as the speed limit is at 100 kilometers per hour. Annie really likes it in Germany, especially because of the landscape around Bremen. She says it‘s far more interesting than at home.

The photo shows the interviewers Sebastian, Madita, Vivien and Sebastian and interviewee Annie.